Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automate boring routine tasks with software robots
and allow your employees to add real value …


Benefits and Use Cases

RPA uses specialized software to record and execute human routine and repetitive tasks through a graphical user interface of all, desktop applications, web apps, citrix and enterprise information systems.

What can you reach with RPA

  • More work done with the same staff
  • Speed up task completion
  • Decrease manual errors
  • Improve data security
  • Better data collection
  • Reduce labor costs

Where can you use RPA

The best way is to use RPA for automation of repeatable and routine tasks and activities.

  • Quote and procure processes, creating invoices, reconciliation
  • Customer onboarding, contact management, CRM record updates
  • Employee onboarding, payroll automation, employee data management
  • Periodic report preparation, data migration, data scraping and entry
  • Integration of applications through GUI, e.g. cloud apps with desktop apps
  • Industry specific tasks and activities

What RPA tools we use

We help automate tasks and activities with proven industry RPA tools that offer both enterprise RPA platforms and affordable versions for small and middle businesses.

Our Approach

We tend to approach the project as practicaly as possible. First we choose together a target activity to be automated. Then the process is a circle sprint of understanding, bot creation with user testing and automation running. Activity by activity, each from 3 to 5 weeks.

Our Team

Jiri: “I developed my first software robot in 1998 when we tested almost 200 applications and systems in the largest czech bank against Y2K problem. We used Rational Robot for automation testing of business scenarios and it saved us thousands of hours.”



Solution Architect



Process Analyst



Senior Programmer



RPA Developer

Robot example – IBM RPA

Robot example – UiPath


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